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doshworld Artist Bio

Since 1997 dosher has played a significant role in the evolution of the glass pipe movement. Performing and competing in many events including the DFO, Pipe Classic and Master Flame Off. Publishing art in both Smoked Vol.I and Vol.II, as well featured in many publications including Hot Breath, The Flow, High Times, and a mention on the Howard Stern show.  Appearing in the film 'Degenerate Art' dosher makes key points on his connection to "creating a vessel of art that people can take out into their lives and share, perhaps break down barriers and enjoy company with others”. Known to many as the “Gypsy Renaissance Warrior” dosh has also played a quintessential role in the impact of the American Glass Pipe movement in Europe with his involvement in the “European Functional Flame Off”.


Currently dosher is best known for:


•Newest and most dynamically refined glass project, the Cabins (#doshcabin) creating a cozy atmosphere for your mind and spirit. 


•The cut n’ flip technique combining gold and silver with an application that dates back to the Ancient Egyptians.


•Fully functional glass Trebuchet, a perfect scaled replica of an ancient siege engine.


Gypsy Renaissance Warrior

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