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1200 Midnight Ave.

-come take a tour of this precious piece of real estate, #doshcabin number 8 built the in the Rocky Mountains

The doll house style cabin is born leaving one side open to observe the beauty of the functional element complete with a window forged in the original fashion by scoring a bubble and laying it out flat giving a certain handmade quality. The entire development of the cabins was greatly inspired and influenced from hoops glass and the molten art classic where we constructed a sunken pirate ship. upon my first exposure to these giant pieces I was just awestruck and overwhelmed. How did they do that?

After working under hoops amazing guidance I was able to see how you can deconstruct a large build and approach it much like a marathon with a strong and diligent pace.

Just released it on the market and it could be your forever home!

Cabin #8

  • Must be 21+ to purchase.

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