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Asymmetrical design inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden spiral. Featuring my most favorite color, if I was asked to pick only one color from the entire pallet it would be (NS-078) Mystery Aventurine, a brilliant sparkly green that with a masters touch can strike deep copper hues with iridescent blue highlights. Complemented by an Absinthe orb and some old batch Portland green horns. Portland green is notable by the red iron oxide that will form on the surface creating a really neat effect that reacts to the black light with other hidden ultraviolet elements.


The word "amulet" comes from the Latin word 'amuletum' referring to an object, either natural or man-made, believed to be endowed with special powerz to protect or bring good fortune, carried on the person or kept in a place that is the desired sphere of influence.,


  • Made in Texas

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