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HaloEssence beadz are comprised of the trim from the Cut n'Flip process capturing 24k Gold &Silver, forged into a Halo.

*Each halo bead is individually shaped making every one unique.


~Essence of the cut n' flip

The cut n' flip my signature pattern is a dynamic process involving a series of advanced skills while the glass is hot including wrapping the tube in a 'spin trail' followed by gold and silver fuming. Then I 'rake' the glass pulling a chevron into the spin trail. A technique once used by the ancient Egyptians! After this is achieved I then 'cut and flip' the tube inside out revealing the inner pattern. Through this entire process the "essence of the cut n' flip" is created. I have always been intrigued with the process of creation, taking notice of the individual steps taken to achieve a goal. Recognizing that we are investing our life force into what we create I find a great sense of joy Up-cycling the Essence of the Cut n'Flip into small charms that people can carry with them holding a little bit of the magic.

HaloEssence Bead

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